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BSoA Interview: Fred Delventhal

This was just tons of fun – except possibly the part where my Chrome browser tab (where I had the YouTube Live HOA running, of course) crashed.. However, I think we were pretty quick to get back on track! The interesting … Continue reading

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BSoA Interview: Kimberly Mattina

It was Saturday and I drove to work – which really is not something that happens frequently, putting it mildly, but hey: it was totally worth it! Running a live YouTube show and connecting with colleagues in other time zones … Continue reading

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DViSonAir #27: Publicera mera! Del 1

Fokus på webbpublicering – och inte vilken sorts publicering som helst utan på något som har hängt med ganska länge nu: bloggar. Vi hade en extremt kunnig panel denna gång – förutom prisbelönte blogg-gurun Alastair Creelman också Jonas Bäckelin och … Continue reading

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BeSmartOnAir #27: Hello 2030

The 2030 episode title is straight out of the recent OECD Education policy report ‘Global competency for an inclusive world’ which, among other things, offers a very interesting view on the 2018 PISA assessment. We live in troubled times, as we stated in BSoA … Continue reading

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eTwinningOnAir #18: 2016 Summer Special

What on earth is this guy pointing at? The answer: the missing ‘lower thirds’, the pro name tags that just would not show up this time.. We made it: eTwinningOnAir revival, before the 2016 summer holidays! Always fun and always great discussions … Continue reading

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BSoA Interview: Nicholas Provenzano

Sometimes, even bad things can lead into something really good – just like when Nicholas Provenzano messed up his knee years ago while investing quite a bit of time, sweat and effort in (European style!) football. Well, instead of a career as a … Continue reading

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Google Classroom: The Missing Features

Google Apps for Education – GAFE for short – is a superb, free digital platform for anyone working in education and Classroom is the latest and greatest entry into the GAFE kingdom. Classroom empowers the teachers and students to use Google Drive … Continue reading

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