BeSmartOnAir #31: Edu Tech Talk

How is it possible that I forgot the most important thing on my (very own) agenda when I had the tech pros Kyle Wilcox, Bjorn Behrendt and Kim Nilsson available On Air?! I did have this great master plan, to get all of my YouTube Live streaming woes – yes, both audio and video related – straightened out right then and there! Yup, my video through the very common Logitech C920 HD Pro still sucks and the audio level is not quite where it should be either, even though I’m using the FetHead preamp plugged into the ATR2100.. Sigh. Hey Kyle, do I really need the 1Gb synchronous connection in order to sport that super crispy video?! I just can’t believe it – there’s something rotten in my rig instead..

Anyway, it was a great chat we had – thanks to Jim Collison who actually got me in touch with Kyle! – and perhaps the fact that my own tech problems just vanished from my thoughts made room for the more interesting stuff. Kyle has built a pretty impressive studio in the Westfield Washington Schools; all the details are available here (thanks Kyle!) and the way those guys run their podcasts and video stuff is really neat. It’s so important that the schools reach out and are transparent about what’s going on; otherwise we really miss the boat completely, considering the way our world functions today (and especially tomorrow).

Still have the idea about an international, live YouTube newscast and podcast combo run by students; shoot, it shouldn’t be impossible even though the stupid time zones do provide a bit of a challenge :) The same thing would also definitely work for the teachers’ PD just as well! One thing I’ll definitely suggest to my principal is to get him On Air, say, on a monthly basis for a quick summary about what’s going on in our school. I’m not aware of any principal on my home turf doing anything even remotely like that; once again, we can be leading the pack around here at the North Pole, Marcus!

As always, all of this goodness is also available in the audio-only format – through my magnificent podcast OnAirWithNiilo (SoundCloud) that is easy as pie to subscribe, preferably through the corresponding  iTunes entry. Just imagine, getting each and every episode automagically to your super smart phone! Of course, you can also listen to this episode right here:


Have a great Holiday Season, everyone, and see you On Air!



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