BeSmartOnAir #28: ‘Oh Gee! No fruit?’ with Lindy

Let’s face the sad truth: there are (extremely) strict limits to my ability to cope with tech gadgets while On Air. I demonstrated this very clearly when firing up the YouTube streaming for this episode with Lindy Hockenbary from the US: everything worked great – except for the fact that I was totally unable to hear anything what Lindy said! Lindy and Jonas Bäckelin were apparently having a nice chat but that wasn’t exactly the way I had planned to run this thing.

In the end, it turned out that there are two extremely critical, tiny black buttons on my mixer. One of these should be pressed down and the other must be in up position, for my setup (just like Ray Ortega very clearly states in his great rundown). Right. I’m seriously considering using some super glue in order to be sure that these two buttons never mess up my audio again – it might be the only way for me, to get things right..

Luckily, Lindy was kind enough to try again a bit later and this time I could actually hear her which was a really good thing! After Kim Nilsson and Jonas joined us, we had an awesome panel with tons of knowledge about both O365Edu and GSuite (do try saying the new name for the Google edu offering ten time fast! I wouldn’t dare). I find it way cool, learning from folks who’ve got their bearings right in both of these camps. However, we didn’t touch base that much on the well known fruit company! Would be fun to hear more about the Apple strategy in education these days; I have a hard time believing they’ll leave the cloudy scene for those two other (reasonably) big guys just like that.

As usual, there is an audio version available through my On AirWithNiilo podcast; it’s also easy as pie, subscribing through iTunes! Of course, you can listen to this very episode right here:


Many thanks to all of you in the panel – I just might be able to cope with my gear a little bit better next time :) Have a great summer and see you On Air; I sure haven’t given up the call-in functionality, either, so stay tuned and keep your phone ready next time!

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