Today, in early 2023, I’m (almost!) a senior citizen but for many years I used to be a language teacher, teacher trainer and inspirer in the field of pedagogical use of technology – and I definitely still believe in collaboration and sharing as the main framework for learning in general.

In the end, to contimue teaching within compulsory education in Luleå became way too absurd for me – due to a multitude of reasons – so it was an easy decision to make a clean break. More about the IT part of it all here.

Shift definitely happens – right now

This is the way things used to be: I believe that peaceful international collaboration is crucial in education and, of course, digital tools enable us to connect both near and far in ways that we could only dream of a couple of years ago. These are exciting times – did you know: Shift happens, just like Karl Fisch said!

The harsh reality in Europe, from February 24, 2022: The Russian full scale, unprovoked assault war against peaceful Ukraine – and the horrible, continuing atrocities by the invading forces that followed – have profoundly changed the world order. The goal of Putin’s Russia is total genocide in Ukraine, wiping the country off the map and murdering everyone identifying as Ukrainian. My focus has largely shifted to countering the massive Russian propaganda and helping Ukraine in any way I can. Thus, the focus of this blog has also changed accordingly. The way I see it, Ukraine is fighting – and dying, every single day – for us and for the free world.

Yes, shift definitely happens, but not the way I was hoping for. See my view on Russia’s so called ‘president, Vladimir Putin, here.

Support Ukraine’s fight against Russia

There are many ways to support Ukraine, fighting for its existence. I have mostly chosen to donate through personally vetted contacts I trust – among others, the TDF fighter Yuriy Matsarsky who reports directly from the front through his unique podcast Fighting For Ukraine. If money is too tight: please do share the word about Yuriy’s podcast, that also helps a lot!

As to other individuals and organisations crowd funding aid to Ukraine, I have compiled a short list with entries that should all be trustworthy. See Help2UkraineList

Google me!

In case you’d like to check my web footprint: my name is globally unique and most hits – at least the good ones! – should be relevant when you Google me. My CV is also publicly available right here.


The Swedish DViS – well, even though the spelling is problematic! – can also be translated to the English word motto. Today, tomorrow and until Putin’s Russia has fully paid for its crimes against humanity in Ukraine, my motto reads: Stand with Ukraine.

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