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BSoA Interview: Fredrik Posse (Soundtrap)

This was the first time ever for me, getting close to giving up and rescheduling a ongoing HangoutOnAir to a later date – just because it was so difficult to get my interviewee – Fredrik Posse from Soundtrap – ‘inside’ … Continue reading

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BeSmartOnAir #4: A Better Way of Learning?

The fourth episode of the BeSmartOnAir HOA series was something very special indeed! We had an incredible panel, including one – or was it two?! – Google Certified Trainers and an additional Google Certified Teacher (or possibly the other way … Continue reading

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Google 2-Step Verification: FAQ

You might have heard that Google offers the users something called ‘2-step verification‘ (here 2SV for short) – a procedure recently discussed in one of my favorite podcasts, EdReach Google Educast. However, I feel the brief discussion in GE#62 didn’t … Continue reading

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Google Cloud Print: print from anywhere

Wondering how to print your Google Doc, that important Gmail message or MS Word attachment (well, in case you really have to!) when you’re not working on your desktop pc? Wouldn’t it be neat, being able to print your Docs … Continue reading

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Greplin searches your cloud data

Greplin covers many cloud services! Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn – well known examples of extremely useful cloud services that accumulate more and more of our data for each passing day. But hey, do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how … Continue reading

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GoogleApps-info av CloudConsulting

Har aldrig tidigare vikarierat för min rektor – vanligtvis saknar jag kvalifikationerna som krävs! – men denna onsdag 16/2/2011 var det läge. En informationsträff arrangerad av BUF Luleå om GoogleApps – Googles ‘molntjänst’ som riktar sig mot företag och andra … Continue reading

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CloudMagic beats Gmail search

The built-in search in Gmail is pretty darn good – especially considering the ways users can tailor it – but when you just need basic lightning-fast results, the CloudMagic browser extension (Firefox and Chrome) delivers the way you wouldn’t believe. After the … Continue reading

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