Putin will pay

There are many psychopaths and narcissists in the world but very few of them are also mass murderers on such a huge scale that it is almost incomprehensible. Vladimir Putin is one of those few and he is totally indifferent to the number, nationality, age and gender of his victims while pursuing his absurd dream of a new, almighty Soviet Union. 

To consider Putin even close to a reasonable nation state leader among others – and to interact with him accordingly – has been a devastating mistake that will take years to repair. Putin is a product of the Soviet KGB and, accordingly, he has zero respect for human life and suffering. 

The only language Vladimir Putin truly understands is that of brute force; to him, anything else displays despicable weakness. It is about time for the west to get the message across – loud and clear – to one of the worst criminals of our time, the president of Russia: you will pay.

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Language teacher, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration, sea kayaking addict
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