BeSmartOnAir #32: Being Evil – or Not

At long, long last it was time – once again – for another brilliant episode of the BeSmartOnAir goodness. The theme was a given, considering what has been bubbling up in the social media madness lately, and the recent earthquake-like piece of European legislation (yes, that four-letter-word) was also definitely begging for some expert comments by the esteemed panel.

The first couple of minutes are most probably completely impossible to make any sense of, especially if you skip the video and go straight to the podcast. We were quite simply overjoyed by being together again and the very special attire sported by the panel members triggered almost constant giggling that just would not stop! Later on, we did get serious though (just kidding).

One thing from the more serious (Dark) side I never got the chance to say, with Tiina and Alastair stepping on me all the time as usual: Facebook – and pretty much all the other main online actors, too – are constantly tracking us, from site to site, everywhere on the web, and changing your user settings really does not change things much. There is an easy fix though; you could go the same route as this Bad Facebook User.

Again, all of this live action is also available in the canned audio-only format – through my superb OnAirWithNiilo podcast (thanks to my ‘pro’ SoundCloud account!) that is easy as pie to subscribe, preferably through the corresponding  iTunes entry. I know it’s hard to believe but you really can get each and every episode automagically to your super smart phone! For completely, absolutely free! You can also choose to listen to the current episode right here:


Anyway, I had a whale of a time and I did also totally forget that a running nose and a headache were making my life slightly miserable. Thanks Alastair, Tiina and Jonas – let’s see if we can skip most of the Dark Side stuff next time :)  I still have grand plans for (yes, even more) frequent YouTube + podcast combo action, preferably with you guys included.

Have a great summer now and see you On Air!

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