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Putin will pay

There are many psychopaths and narcissists in the world but very few of them are also mass murderers on such a huge scale that it is almost incomprehensible. Vladimir Putin is one of those few and he is totally indifferent … Continue reading

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Any Way – But Silence

I’m a Bad Facebook User and I sure don’t like Twitter either. Actually, social media – for the most part – gives me the creeps. So, in recent years, I have pretty much quit publishing anything but some education related … Continue reading

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Putin’s deadly DNA

Putin’s DNA equals that of the cold war Soviet Union leadership and especially KGB; not surprising since he still is, in essence, a KGB officer through and through. This DNA can be described as follows: jailing, torturing and murdering any … Continue reading

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AI – Artificial and Intelligent?

It must have been way back in time when I previously (voluntarily) attended an intensive three-hour virtual conference – if it ever happened! – but the web meet on the evening of February 15 was definitely interesting. The EU‘Directorate-General EAC … Continue reading

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AI – artificiellt och intelligent?

[This post in English here] Det måste vara bra länge sedan när jag sist var (frivilligt) med på en intensiv tretimmars virtuella konferens – om det ens har hänt! – men tisdagens 15. februari kvällstjänstgöring var klart intressant. EU ‘Directorate-General EAC‘ (Education, Youth, … Continue reading

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Ofattbart mod

“Facebook är som gödsel för demokratins kollaps” Continue reading

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DViSonAir: Bokprat med Per Nilsson

Hur det nu kom sig så hade jag lagt undan Per Nilssons ungdomsklassiker, ‘Hjärtans fröjd‘, i klassrummet – men Jonathan och Hjalmar i min nia lyckades minsann hitta den! Inte nog med detta: killarna läste också boken ganska snabbt och … Continue reading

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DViSonAir: Bokprat med Agnes

Det var alltför länge sedan sist, konstaterade jag, när bokproffset Agnes Lindholm och jag återigen sammanstrålade Live på YouTube 28. oktober 2020. Jag skyller på flytt- och byggkarusellen under de senaste åren på Tunaskolan men nu har jag äntligen hittat … Continue reading

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BeSmartOnAir #38: Calling Finland

Somehow, it was a typical (late) afternoon at work: I was feeling really tired when I noticed that it was time to set up StreamYard YouTube Live streaming and get Tiina from Finland on board – it had been way … Continue reading

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BeSmartOnAir #37: Long Distance

On Monday, October 12, it was time for another of our BeSmartOnAir Live YouTube sessions: I was lucky to get Zack Gilbert and Bjorn Behrendt to join me in the StreamYard studio. Both of these guys are definitely quite aways … Continue reading

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