BeSmartOnAir #36: The (New) Normal

Hey Bjorn, hope you don’t mind me stealing your tagline :)

There has been lots of water under the bridges since the previous BSoA episode; however, the ongoing pandemic is still very much dictating the way we work, play and learn. Perhaps all these three now also overlap more than ever – a good thing for some and most probably completely the opposite for others.

It was super interesting to get the viewpoints from our friends both in the US, UK and Italy; the situation in Sweden is still obviously very much different from most other countries. At work, it’s basically been ‘business as usual’ all the way for me and my closest colleagues – with some modification in accordance with the social distancing guidelines.

As to the bright side of things: it was really great to hear the way virtual collaboration and sharing has almost become the norm – at long last! – in many areas within education. Somehow it seems that the whip can ge a great motivational force, especially for us old folks :)

One way of trying to wrap up our meeting would be something like this: there will perhaps never be anything called ‘back to normal’ – whatever lies ahead will be ‘the new normal’. Will that be better or worse? For the most part, I’d guess it’s up to us.

As usual, the whole shebang is also available as a audio-only podcast episode – now through the bought-by-Spotify-with-huge-money Anchor. Why did I change hosting from SoundCloud, is Anchor so much better? Well, I don’t think so – but, for better or worse (probably worse) – it’s free! You’ll find the podcast version here.

Tons of thanks to Marilina, Lisa (yay, at last, wonderful!) and especially Bjorn – time zones are notoriously very hard to beat – for joining in. Alastair has always valuable insights and the tech advice from Kim is what keeps my stream going. I must say that I had missed our ‘fireside chats’ a lot. Also very cool that my colleague on the home turf, Johan, jumped in with zero notice. Much appreciated!

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