BeSmartOnAir #35: Strange Days

It’s been ages – more than a year, I believe, while I’ve been working in the chaos of a constantly changing building site with no chance to stream or podcast! – but now is definitely time to relaunch. We’re not in the best of times anywhere on the globe and that’s why it’s even more important to connect with other educators and friends.

This was also my first try using StreamYard to live stream through YouTube; the podcast episode below is the corresponding audio version of the live stream. StreamYard is very easy to get started with and it worked fine, even though I still lack a wired Internet connection. Super convenient to invite the guests into the ‘studio’ (discussion panel) just by sharing a link! The free alternative should also be generous enough for most (non-pro) streamers.

It was great to see Alastair smiling by the way, even though it might have been brief; not always easy to keep a positive tone these days. One thing is for sure though – meeting with friends does you plenty of good. Apart from the ‘old crew’ – special thanks to my old friend Michael from Scotland, UK, for his insights.  I’m looking forward to our next meeting and also seeing Marilina there!

Want to just listen? As usual, you can choose the audio only podcast version. I’m leaving SoundCloud and presently looking around for a new podcast home; Anchor (owner: Spotify) is not a great favorite of mine for several reasons but hey – right now it’s better than nothing! At least that’s what I hope.. You’ll find the podcast audio here.

Panel participants:

Niilo (host), Tiina, Alastair, Kim, Michael– see you next time!

About niiloa

Language teacher, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration, sea kayaking addict
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