BeSmartOnAir is a public and internationally oriented panel discussion that me, Tiina Sarisalmi in Finland and Alastair Creelman – with friends! – stream live over YouTube. We focus broadly on learning, education and technology; the panel participants are definitely not a fixed bunch of people and more often than not there are representatives from several countries present.

Occasionally I have the pleasure of interviewing interesting people tightly connected to learning, teaching and educational technology; in case you have someone special in mind you’d like to see in the show, please let me know! You’ll find the YouTube BeSmartOnAir Interview play list here.

Normally, I write a quick summary of the episode shortly after it has been aired via the Internet and YouTube; all these blog posts – including audio-only podcast versions of our campfire chats – are available here.

Interested in joining the BeSmartOnAir panel? Great, do get in touch!

In addition to my blog posts, BeSmartOnAir is also a YouTube channel of its own. Check out the BeSmartOnAir channel and see you On Air!

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