BeSmartOnAir #10: Season One, Finale – ‘Not Only Hardware’

So, we’ve come this far – the last episode of Season One is now ancient history! Well, perhaps not ancient but it’s definitely done and sure enough: my audio level was in the pits! Forgot to pick up the microphone I was planning to use when I left for work in the morning, of course. Ah well, the main thing is that the others came through loud and clear, with the exception of Kim Nilsson who also had a bit of trouble. Feels good, not being the only one messing up the audio ever so slightly so thanks Kim :)

Yup, some hardware talk

We did get into some hardware – discussing user cases for laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones – but it turned out to be much more interesting to talk about the preparations for 1-1 implementation and the way technology has the potential to change teaching and learning. Again, it is interesting to note that the tiny superpower in education (even though the PISA scores have dropped a bit!), Finland, has hardly at all adopted the 1-1 solution within compulsory education. And hey, guess we’ve all heard there appears to be quite a few question marks about the PISA results as well..

Learning in and out of the classroom

Tiina pointed out the well known fact that most of the learning takes place out of the classroom; still, the classrooms of today very often (definitely in my school) look and function pretty much the same they’ve done since the dawn of time. I guess we should re-define the notion of the classroom altogether; the learning space idea Bjorn mentioned is really neat. Of course, the learning spaces can be virtual, too!

Welcome, Alastair!

It was also extremely cool that Alastair Creelman from the Linnaeus University was able to join us – Alastair has, just like Tiina, a very valuable bird-eye view on education in global terms. We are looking forward to having you on board many, many times in the future Alastair!

Time flies

It is an amazing fact that we have really done ten of these BSoA shows now. More than ten hours of talking about education and technology, crisscrossing the national borders, and every time these virtual gatherings have charged my batteries like crazy. A big thank you especially to my good friend and colleague Tiina Sarisalmi who has been co-hosting every episode with me. It has also been really great to get the views from ‘across the pond’, delivered by Bjorn Behrendt who is basically a part of the BSoA crew by now :) Thumbs up to Bjorn’s excellent EdListen podcast, too!

Thank you all!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has taken part in the BSoA panel or enjoyed the video or audio live, or after the fact. Without you guys, this thing obviously would not go.

See you all On Air, after the summer break we all definitely need!

Audio-only available

As always, you can also listen to audio only extracted from the Hangout, or download the show – the mp3 file – through my Dropbox here.

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