BSoA Interview: Fred Delventhal

This was just tons of fun – except possibly the part where my Chrome browser tab (where I had the YouTube Live HOA running, of course) crashed.. However, I think we were pretty quick to get back on track! The interesting part is that this was the first time I’ve ever experienced a Chrome crash while On Air and I’ve been doing this stuff for quite a while now. Further Strange(r) Things (yes i do love that show) : I’m now running the BeSmartOnAir webcasts on a very up-to-date pc with lots of horsepower and more RAM than I can count! Go figure. Next time I’ll definitely re-boot the machinery before cranking up the webcast; kinda forgot..

Fred Delventhal, based in Virginia USA, has been in education for some time now and he’s still definitely going on full blast. Fred is a tech coordinator, with a Masters in Education, and he sure knows his way fairly well around the Google educational offerings. In fact, anyone who has ever visited the Google edu product forums – or watched / listened to the GoogleEduCast live YouTube show and podcast, now on a hiatus – just might recognise him and his voice!

We dived pretty much right into the deep end of the EdTech pool but hey, what else can you expect when two people, both deeply in the mysts of pedagogical IT use, get started! It’s no secret that Fred is an (awesome) Google Top contributor and I’m not exactly trying to hide the fact that I’m one of the (few?) language teachers who have implemented GSuite for Education on their own; considering all this, I think we’re still reasonably open-minded :) Shoot, who cares about the logo on the hardware as long as learning gets a serious turbo boost.

I have a very distinct feeling that I’ll meet with Fred again soon, both On Air and hopefully also in the physical world. Looking forward to that – thanks Fred!

Of course, all the BSoA goodness is available as audio-only; be sure to subscribe to my podcast OnAirWithNiilo so you get each and every amazing episode automagically to your smart device of choice. This very episode is also available right here, for your listening pleasure!

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