BeSmartOnAir #18: Digital Literacy

Once again, it was time to wrap up the BeSmartOnAir spring season, this summer episode focusing on Digital Literacy and some of the related ‘hangaround definitions’ as well. Heavens, we also talked a bit about – now, brace yourself – analogue literacy!, well done, Bjorn Behrendt :) On top of that, Alastair Creelman introduced modern literacies (only 1400 hits in a quick web search, no wonder I knew nothing about it..!) as opposed to the four c:s of ’21st century skills’ which just perhaps don’t seem extremely new any longer. Again, my thoughts went back to what Will Richardson said about this when I interviewed him last year; roughly along the lines that it’s all about connecting and computing‘ today. Without a doubt, one of the foremost features of the Internet is the fact that it is a huge connecting machine!

It is not easy, exactly pinpointing what Digital Literacy is, even though breakdowns like the one from Elizabeth McCarthy – see this link – do help a lot. Do also check out the G+ post Alastair shared here! However, it all somehow boils down to the fact that in order to find your way in the modern society you need to be literate in many ways in a world that largely relies on your knowledge about navigating the digital waters. Of course, the schools must build their curricula accordingly, otherwise we’ll be in big trouble sooner that later. Finland is definitely doing interesting work here, just like Tiina Sarisalmi has been telling us – see her blog post here. I’m counting on you keeping us in the loop, Tiina!

Audio-only version of this episode is, of course, available for everyone who prefers listening only (often my favorite!) – you can listen through the web or download the mp3 file here.

BeSmartOnAir will now take a wonderful summer break but hey, all of a sudden it’s time to get started again and I’m looking forward to seeing you all On Air next semester; preliminary date for the opening episode is August 31 but we might need to reschedule later on. Have a great summer!

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