On Air With Niilo: subscribe through iTunes podcast catalogue

In addition to  my YouTube Live shows BeSmartOnAir and DViSonAir, I also publish the OnAirWithNiilo podcast – basically offering these shows in audio format. Each YouTube Live episode is also available as audio-only through the corresponding blog post and, in addition to this, it is easy to subscribe to OnAirWithNiilo and get all the audio episodes automagically downloaded to your device of choice. Using a podcast app like PocketCasts in a smartphone, you can then – after downloading the episodes – listen to the podcast without internet access.

My podcast workflow is very simple: after finishing a YouTube Live episode, I then download the complete video from YouTube. The next step is to extract the audio from the video file and code it to the mp3 format; I normally do this using the free Audacity software. The final step is to upload the mp3 file to my SoundCloud account and write the corresponding blog post.

In case you are interested in the YouTube Live + audio podcast combo and have questions or ideas – do get in touch!