My podcastOn Air with Niilo – is (probably) moving! This process, evaluating different options, will take a while for sure but now the latest of my episodes are also available through Anchor; use this link. I’m fully aware of the issues connected to Anchor but I’m also getting more and more reluctant to shell out cash continuously for podcast hosting since this podcasting thing kinda comes and goes for my part :) 


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In addition to  my YouTube Live shows BeSmartOnAir (in English) and DViSonAir (in Swedish), I also publish the OnAirWithNiilo podcast – basically offering both of these shows in audio format.

To subscribe is easy, free and super smart! When you subscribe, you’ll get all the totally amazing audio episodes automagically downloaded to your smartphone podcast app (PocketCasts, GooglePodcasts or whatever you prefer). If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably already got a Podcast app – just do a quick search for OnAirWithNiilo to subscribe – but you Android users can also try the button here:

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Of course, you’ll also find my podcast on ApplePodcasts and can subscribe that way as well. Hey, I almost forgot: you’ll find my podcast on Spotify, too!


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Pretty much each and every one of my YouTube Live episodes is also available as audio-only directly on the corresponding blog post page here on my DViS site.

My podcast workflow is very simple: after finishing a YouTube Live episode, I then download the complete video from YouTube. The next step is to extract the audio from the video file and code it to the mp3 format; I normally do this using the free Audacity software. The final step is to upload the mp3 file to my SoundCloud account and write the blog post.

In case you are interested in the YouTube Live + audio podcast combo and have questions or ideas – do get in touch!

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