Discontinued! I used to produce eTwinningOnAir for the Swedish EU eTwinning agency back in 2013, continued after that together with some colleagues but these days I just don’t have the time to keep the show On Air. However, all the episodes are still available online – here’s the direct YouTube link.

eTwinningOnAir is the HangoutOnAir focusing on – not a big surprise! – the European Union eTwinning school collaboration initiative which has been a great success since the very beginning in 2005. I am hosting the live show, streamed over YouTube roughly once a month, together with fellow eTwinning Ambassadors both from Sweden and other countries. You will find the Swedish eTwinning blog here.

eTwinningOnAir is also a podcast – audio only, so you can do other things while listening – which anyone can find and subscribe to through iTunes. The direct link to the iTunes show listing is here! Prefer listening directly on the web? Sure, check this page. Of course, you’ll find eTwinningOnAir also directly in your smart phone podcatcher app (such as PocketCasts, BeyondPod, Doggcatcher, TuneInRadio and others).

We also offer a free eTwinningOnAir app, both in the Google Play Store and in the iTunes App Store! Using the app, you’ll always have the latest episodes available – either by streaming or in offline mode so you can listen anywhere, with or without Internet access. Please also give us a review of the app through respective app stores!

The show languge does vary – sometimes mostly ‘Scandinavian’, on other occasions English only and it might also happen that some episodes turn out to be a bit of a mixed bag!

Normally, I write a quick summary of the episode shortly after it has been aired via the Internet and YouTube; all these blog posts – most often including audio-only versions of the Hangouts – are available here. All shows are also available directly through my YouTube channel.

All eTwinners – and, indeed, everyone interested in international school collaboration! – are welcome to the show. Please go ahead and get in touch and see you On Air!

2 Responses to eTwinningOnAir

  1. helenemoller says:

    I am always happy to participate Niilo! :)

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