Any Way – But Silence

I’m a Bad Facebook User and I sure don’t like Twitter either. Actually, social media – for the most part – gives me the creeps. So, in recent years, I have pretty much quit publishing anything but some education related stuff in this arena.

Now, things have changed. Russia’s so-called ‘president’, Vladimir Putin, is throwing in the total weight of his armed forces to completely destroy Ukraine and – when doing that – to kill as many Ukrainians as possible. It’s a mystery to me how it is possible that most leaders of the free world have been so extremely naive about Putin and the goal of his regime; he has definitely made no secret about his intentions.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, made a surprise video appearance at the 64th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on April 3rd. In his speech he made an appeal: “Support us in any way you can – any but silence.”

The Russian propaganda machine has been flooding the world with lies for many years, ruling almost supreme. I can’t do anything to to stop the genocide in Ukraine but, at least, there is one thing I can do: break my silence about what is going on. Any way I can.

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