BeSmartOnAir #30: Games People Play, 2nd ed

Yes, we sure are playing games – back to the topic from 2015 we go!  There are quite a few connecting links between the spontaneous learning – the kind that games so easily and effortlessly seem to bring about – and the learning that we all would very much like to see taking place in the formal education. This is super interesting to me and Marilina since we are just now, in October 2017,  getting started with our EU financed Erasmus+ EduGaming project together with Portugal. All things considered: we are extremely lucky to have a friend and a colleague by the name of Zack Gilbert who’s been into this stuff for many, many years.

It is definitely more than five years ago I got in touch with Zack and that must have been by listening to – and watching! – the super cool HangoutOnAir / podcast combo, EdGamer, which Zack produced together with his friend Gerry James. I got completely hooked, not only by the extremely professional, top notch content but also by the tone of these two guys: they were doing this thing because they loved it and – it was very obvious – they also enjoyed tremendously doing it together. On top of that, it was apparently quite a learning experience for both of them. However, life happens and things do change but the EdGamer episodes are still out there to be enjoyed by anyone interested in games and education. As it happens, I also had the pleasure to interview Zack back in 2014 and all about that chat is available through this blog post.

This BSoA episode took many unexpected turns – and we had many great laughs! – but that’s also one of the things that I like so much about being On Air with friends and colleagues. It was also great to have both Marilina, Jonas and Agneta with us and we covered lots of ground; tons of directly games related stuff but a bit about different cloud based platforms as well. My bottom line: let’s go with the Zack’s FLO!

As always, all of this goodness is also available in the audio-only format – through my magnificent podcast OnAirWithNiilo (SoundCloud) that is easy as pie to subscribe, preferably through the corresponding  iTunes entry. Just imagine, getting each and every episode automagically to your super smart phone! Anyway, you can also listen to this episode right here:

Many thanks to all of you guys in the panel and especially a huge thank you to Zack who connected with us during his day off!

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