See you, Ambassadors!


Those were the days..

In late March 2017 we had a really good national meeting for eTwinning ambassadors in Stockholm.  At that meeting the question marks about the future role of the Swedish eTwinning ambassadors were straightened out and in May I also had the pleasure to help out in the eTwinning booth at the SETT edu fair; you’ll find my SETT17 post here.

While ‘serving’ at the SETT booth I had some extremely interesting and definitely eye-opening discussions with Mia from eTwinning and also great chats with the Swedish Erasmus+ folks – thanks a ton for that, guys! Afterwards it was time for me to do some serious soul searching and I’d guess this has actually been going on – somewhere deep down in the unconscious – for quite a while.

The bottom line for me: being an eTwinning ambassador in Sweden is an honorary job but there are privileges and thereby also a bit of responsibility connected to the title. To me, that translates to the following: if my work situation does not allow for me to deliver fully in my role as an ambassador, it is meaningless to continue and do a job that’s not likely to get more than half baked. Under the circumstances, I find it is a lot better to focus fully on my primary work.

One of the many great things about my years in the eTwinning ambassadors’ team (some of it in summary here on my blog) is the fact that I now have many friends within education all over Europe and even overseas. Luckily, I don’t expect that to change any time soon only because I step down from the ambassadors’ bandwagon :) The summer of 2017 definitely got an amazing start for me when I met again with some of my great Cyprus colleagues and friends. Thank you all so much, Cyprus rules big time!

In spite of Britain soon leaving the European Union – and in spite of the many tough challenges Europe is facing today – I’m confident that the spirit of doing things together will prevail. To me, the EU is first and foremost a great and for the most part very successful peace initiative that has the potential to lead us all into an even brighter future.

What a ride it has been for me, all these years; I wouldn’t have missed it for the world but now it’s time to say: see you later, Ambassadors – and perhaps we’ll do just that, live On Air, through my BeSmartOnAir YouTube channel. And yes, the rumours were true: my corresponding audio podcast, with lots of additional goodies, is called OnAirWithNiilo! So, do subscribe at iTunes in order to get each and every amazing episode completely automagically to your extremely smart phone :)

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