BeSmartOnAir #27: Hello 2030

The 2030 episode title is straight out of the recent OECD Education policy report ‘Global competency for an inclusive world’ which, among other things, offers a very interesting view on the 2018 PISA assessment. We live in troubled times, as we stated in BSoA #25, but the main message of the report is a very positive one and stresses the importance of global competency as a learning goal. The definition of global competence in the beginning of the report:

‘Global competence is the capacity to analyse global and intercultural issues critically and from multiple perspectives, to understand how differences affect perceptions, judgments, and ideas of self and others, and to engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions with others from different backgrounds on the basis of a shared respect for human dignity.’

It seems that the still fresh Finnish curriculum is pretty well aligned with this definition that includes so much more than the traditional ’21st century skills’ which we in Sweden – the way I see it – still focus a bit too blindly on. Of course, there are also those who say that the ’21st century skills’ are not 21st century skills at all..

A quick shoutout to – me! – for fixing the free SoundCloud podcast hosting (see below). It only took a couple of years to prepare for the 15 minute job :) Seems to work just fine and I’m keeping my fingers crossed so the company struggling with the economic realities will be around tomorrow as well.. Perhaps I should change to a paid hosting plan!


Of course, I also forgot to say: Happy New Year! A bit late perhaps, mid March? Well, yes, that’s definitely true – due to some unfortunate circumstances (equals more work than I had planned for) – but boy, was it fun to get this bunch On Air again! Tiina and Alastair always have  interesting views to share, Kim contributes with some invaluable tech support even when he’s busy with other chores and we were also lucky to have a surprise guest in the show: my friend and colleague Georgia, Prize Winning Traveling Teacher and eTwinning & Erasmus+ pro!

We digged deep into languages and communication, too; the advanced AI tech available today is amazing but there’s still so much more joy and creativity in learning how to express yourself in another language. Even getting it just a little bit does make a huge difference!

Whoa, this was fun – and we’ll be doing it again, that’s a promise. See you folks On Air!

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