BeSmartOnAir #25: Merry Christmas 2016?


A great pleasure, once again connecting across the pond with Bjorn Behrendt!

It’s a fact that we live in troubled times – but how is this connected to education? Is there a connection at all? Are we going to have a really Merry Christmas 2016 and a Happy New Year 2017? What does Tiina and Alastair think of all this?

Some tough questions here and I’m far from sure that we’ve got the answers (in fact, I don’t think we do). Might make an interesting and an extremely depressing discussion, however, especially in case some of our friends in the US and UK can make sense of the complete time zones mess that makes collaborative live streaming so challenging!

Update: We made it, once again, Live On Air! Extremely professional as usual, especially the hosting part. Missed Tiina for sure but hey, a New Year Special BSoA episode should be coming up in early 2017; the date and time TBA through all imaginable channels as usual.

We had some good laughs – can’t do without those – but the general mood was definitely low key. However, I like what Bjorn said, that we are doing the right thing in education but it just takes some time for the new generation to grow up a bit and make things right. Make the world more friendly, more open and skip the hate and lies part. In short: make the world great again.

Audio-only is also available, through DropBox – meaning that you get a confusing pop-up but all the way down there is a ‘view’ link that works without any registration! You’ll find the audio here.

On that happy note: Merry Christmas 2016 and see you On Air in 2017!

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