Kind of a Hiatus On Air!


It sure has been a while since last time On Air with my buddies Tiina Sarisalmi, Alastair Creelman, Kim Nilsson, Bjorn Behrendt, Marilina Lonigro, Micke Kring, Helene Möller and all the others! For some years now, the live YouTube shows BeSmartOnAir, DViSonAir and eTwinningOnAir have been a very fond part of my monthly routine and I definitely miss that great edu buzz a lot. However, there is a pretty simple explanation to my ‘radio(?!) silence’ – just see the pic above; this has roughly been the state of the affairs in my school building this semester (luckily, not quite this bad one floor up where my tiny ‘studio’ is located). Everything will no doubt be great when the construction work is done  but mind my words: it’s no fun, running a HangoutOnAir when a heavy duty construction drill fires up just underneath your desk..

Luckily, things are slowly looking more and more upbeat again and I will absolutely fire up my super cool live Hangouts – now through YouTube Live – by January 2017 and there just might be an episode in the works for December 2016 as well (providing those drills leave me alone, that is!). I might also get some proper equipment, at long last, and that is something I’m also very much looking forward to. More of that later, in case things turn out the way I hope they do.

I have also started an email list focusing on everything (even distantly) related to podcasting and learning, by the name of EduPod. It’s run through Google Groups and right now I think we are perhaps ten (Swedish) educators registered there. Anyone interested in the combination of education and podcasting is more than welcome to join us and I’d guess we all manage English as well :) Just shoot me an email in case you want to come on board!

In case I won’t see you On Air in 2016: have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a great start for 2017!

About niiloa

Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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2 Responses to Kind of a Hiatus On Air!

  1. Extreme makeover! I wondered why things seemed unusually quiet at your end. Look forward to new adventures in 2017 – goodness that sounds like science fiction ( I remember when 1999 represented the distant future …).

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