eTwinningOnAir #18: 2016 Summer Special

What on earth is this guy pointing at? The answer: the missing ‘lower thirds’, the pro name tags that just would not show up this time..

We made it: eTwinningOnAir revival, before the 2016 summer holidays! Always fun and always great discussions and insights from Tiina, Helene and Marilina plus our guest star this time: Anna Billström, a Luleå colleague who had an interesting travel report for us, directly from the sunny (or was it mostly rainy?!) Portugal workshop. Anna got the chance to participate in Portugal – costs covered through eTwinning – together with another teacher colleague from my home turf and it seems the workshop was a very intensive experience that takes quite a bit of digesting at home as well.

We also got into talking about the very different roles of the eTwinning ambassadors within the EU; guess this was partly sparked by the (still vague) plans to restructure the ambassadors’ work in Sweden. Without a doubt Finland is doing the right thing in a big scale, by very clearly stressing the importance of international work in their new curriculum. This, in turn, makes it a lot easier to get the school leaders interested in eTwinning. To me, it seems the situation is very much different in Sweden – and apparently partly so also in Norway, as I feel after listening to Helene telling about her work.

And hey, I almost forgot: as usual, there’s also podcast audio available for your listening pleasure. You can subscribe to the show – to get every precious episode automagically to your device of choice – through iTunes here or just download the mp3 file using this link.

Soon it’s time to have the long awaited summer break but we definitely agree on one thing: eTwinningOnAir is quite simply way too much fun for us to let it die completely. So, just wait – and we’ll be back On Air!

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