BeSmartOnAir #23: It’s An Add-On

Yes, there is audio-only available as well! Scroll down and check the link!

Talking about Add-Ons – the small user created programs or ‘scripts’ that add tons of functionality to Google products like Docs, Sheets or Forms – I’d guess I could say: ‘Just add Bjorn!’ Bjorn Behrendt from Vermont, USA is a good friend and someone who has definitely tested the waters quite a bit as to using Apps Script or, the way it’s better known today, Add-Ons.

I got in touch with Bjorn the first time some years ago when I was trying to figure out if GAFE (Google Apps for Education) would be the way to go in my school. It turned out that Bjorn had made a script – now discontinued – called gClassFolders and that script made it possible to have a really smart workflow using GAFE and Drive. We got started with GAFE, created all the Drive folders automagically through Bjorn’s script and we were in business! Then, in the summer of 2014 Google stepped in and fired up Classroom in global scale; bye-bye gClassFolders..

It seems to me that Bjorn and Andrew Stillman kinda paved the way for Google Classroom so it might have been nice for Google folks to buy these guys – if nothing else – at least a beverage of choice. However, Bjorn confirmed that nothing like that happened. Sigh. Tough luck.

Anyway, Bjorn is still at it, creating really cool Add-Ons that have gone through a baptism by fire in real life school environment – even though he says he’s not getting rich by doing that (really, Bjorn? No secret Swiss bank account?). Some of the neat scripts (Add-Ons!) Bjorn is working with are SimplySend, ChoiceEliminator and EZQuery – just to name three. Be sure to check them all at Bjorn’s EdListen web site!

Audio only version of our Hangout is available, of course – you can listen to all the (yes, unedited! No time!) goodness directly through the web or download the mp3 using this link.

See you On Air!



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