BSoA Interview: Ewan McIntosh

It had been a while – putting it mildly! – but talking with Ewan McIntosh again, it sure didn’t feel lite that. We went back in time quite a ways, way further back than the eTwinning launch in 2004: all the way to the days when a career in education was the last thing Ewan was interested in. When you are young, doing the same thing your parents have been doing for quite some time is perhaps not always the most fascinating thing in the world..

Anyway, I’m glad that things turned the way they did – who knows, perhaps there would be no TeachMeet phenomenon otherwise, for one thing! Of course, I wanted to hear a bit more about how it all got started and about the TeachMeet concept in general. Ewan definitely likes the small scale where you can do just fine without PowerPoint presentations and major sponsorship deals. A couple of (preferably free) beers for the participants do not hurt though – I fully agree on this!

Today Ewan is the CEO of well established NoTosh, his management consulting company that just might be pretty much different from most consulting companies. It kinda seems that these guys have no single secret sauce that automagically enhances every dish; instead they work closely with folks who really want to get into the nitty-gritty of positive organizational change. Anyway, I would not hesitate one second to work together with a consultant who’s got a drum set at the office! By the way Ewan – you’ve got the drums, I’ve got the guitar: perhaps we should fire up Soundtrap some time, it seems like a truly amazing way of musical cloud-based collaboration!

Audio-only version of this interview is also available, as always for BeSmartOnAir episodes; you can ether listen to our chat directly through the web – or download the mp3 – using this link.

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