BSoA Interview: Nicholas Provenzano

Sometimes, even bad things can lead into something really good – just like when Nicholas Provenzano messed up his knee years ago while investing quite a bit of time, sweat and effort in (European style!) football. Well, instead of a career as a footballer he has made a career in education – and that has apparently turned out pretty good, to say the least.

Nick is a Grosse Pointe high school English teacher – in greater Detroit area – and on top of that he’s got his fingers in quite a few tasty pies with  lots of pedagogical tech ingredients! Google Certified Innovator, TEDEd Innovative Educator, Edutopia blogger.. That’s quite a list, especially since it’s not a comprehensive one.

We talked quite a bit about formative assessment and the fact that you really shouldn’t be afraid to fail in order to learn; especially true to us teachers when testing the information technology waters together with our students.

It was great talking with Nick, even though we experienced a five minute complete HangoutsOnAir crash – first ever for me after doing this at least twice a month for a couple of years! Well, we got back On Air and finished the session in grand style.

If you prefer listening to our chat you are more than welcome to do so; you can listen directly on the web or download the mp3 (without the three minute silence but with all my comments while I was scratching my head!) by using this link.

Many thanks Nick and see you On Air!

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