BeSmartOnAir #21: Give A Little Bit

Just days before our (very early) Christmas episode, violence erupted in the very heart of Europe, once again horribly killing and maiming people living in or visiting Paris. I believe we can never completely stop madmen from attacking an open society but the alternative – living in a police state – is far worse. Luckily, ordinary folks like you and me can fight back the terror and I do applaud what Tiina said about this.

We moved on into some Christmas presents within pedagogy and information technology; formative assessment in a way that has never been possible earlier, digital storytelling, reaching out using podcasts (Swedish language link) just to name a few.

In case you prefer audio-only: the complete episode is available for direct download – or listening through the web – using this link.

The next BSoA episode will be aired in early January 2016 – keep a lookout for the #BeSmartOnAir hashtag in social media – and until then: Happy Holidays and see you On Air!

About niiloa

Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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