eTwinningOnAir #16: Some Good Advice

Boy, do I look serious here! Completely misleading – this is just about the only frame where I’m not laughing!

I would think we did manage to give each other – and to all those thousands of people watching! – some pretty decent advice about how to get started with eTwinning (and perhaps any) school collaboration projects. Start small, test the waters together with some colleagues, get the school leaders on board, extend eTwinning to Erasmus+ when you know that the basic idea and the chemistry between the folks involved works – that’s definitely some words of wisdom from this episode.

Thanks to Tiina, Helene and Magdalena for joining the panel! It’s always a blast, getting the latest news from the different corners of Europe and sharing ideas. This is definitely what peer learning and networking is all about!

And, of course, the audio-only podcast is available for all of you who prefer listening to the eTwinningOnAir goodness while doing some of those things that don’t require your undivided attention – say, washing the dishes or whatever! Be sure to get the free smartphone app as well; that is the most convenient way to have all the episodes right there in your pocket. For all the details, check this link and to download this very episode point your browser here!

The next episode will be – amazingly, once again – the Christmas Special and, of course, the proper  Santa attire will be part of the deal! The airing date will be announced shortly through all available channels as usual; most probably we will stream live in early December and on a Tuesday, 4PM CET. Until then: be good and see you On Air!

About niiloa

Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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