eTwinningOnAir #15: Get On Board

This time, it was just the three of us live On Air – Tiina, Helene and me – figuring out how to solve the one major eTwinning problem: getting people On Board! Of course, it was not a big deal to find the answer; when great minds get together, great things kinda automatically happen (wonder if I pushed it just a little bit here..?).

Well, even if we perhaps didn’t find the ultimate solution we absolutely touched base on a couple of extremely important things – like the school leaders and also school districts getting the international collaboration high up on the priority list. This is definitely being done in Finland where the new curriculum states the importance of international work very clearly and, apparently, Norway is following suit. Sweden? Not so much, to my best knowledge, unfortunately. If your school district leaders don’t take these things seriously, the students are pretty much out in the cold since the school leaders do need the support of their superiors.

We also got a report from the Nordic eTwinning Ambassadors’ meeting in Helsnki, Finland. Helene took part, of course – it seems that she’s mostly traveling the globe these days! It had been a great meetup at the beautiful Hanaholmen cultural center, dedicated to the Nordic collaboration. Lots of interesting stuff about using social media and, well, getting people On Board!

The audio-only version of this show is available in a couple of ways: you can easily have all the podcast episodes in your pocket by using our free smartphone apps and, in case you just want to listen on the web, you can easily download this episode here.  All the details and info about the eTwinningOnAir apps is available here.

Next episode is preliminary set to November 3 – see you On Air!

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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