eTwinningOnAir #14: Ideas, Anyone?

Good ideas are always in great demand and I think we really showcased a couple of them in this episode of eTwinninOnAir. To start with – at last – we had students participating in the show! Yay, good work Magdalena and thank you so much for bringing in your very charming students. It is not a small thing for young (or old) people, appearing ‘in public’ like that, that’s for sure. Super cool, Poland rules big time!

Another cool thing is the major – top secret?! – October public launch of the  eTwinning desktop, code name eTwinningLive. Lots of news here and both Tiina and Marilina talked us through of most of the brand new features. Something that I find especially neat is the fact that the well known video conferencing program Adobe Connect will apparently be available for all eTwinners, if I got it right! Very exciting news in that case – even though you can’t broadcast to the world the way we are doing with HangoutsOnAir. Two completely different platforms, both really good at different tasks.

We got into some tech stuff big time, not least since Tiina has also been involved in distance learning quite a bit. Platforms like Moodle, WordPress and Blogger all surfaced in the discussions.

If you just want to listen to this episode, everything is set for you – the episode audio is easily available through the web but the really cool thing is using our free podcast app to listen to any episode, anywhere, anytime! All the details are available here on my blog and through this direct link.

See you On Air – the details of the October episode will be released shortly through all available channels!

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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