BeSmartOnAir #19: Trends And Traditions

It’s just simply amazing, the way these BeSmartOnAir discussions with colleagues from different parts of Sweden – and the globe! – are so inspiring and so much fun; at least for me, that is! Really weird: being a teacher, I’m in the thick of it all day and then, when the working day is done and it’s time to fire up the BeSmartOnAir HangoutOnAir, all the tiredness somehow magically shakes off. I think the explanation is connected to the fact that there are so rarely opportunities to talk about education, learning and teaching with your closest colleagues without directly connecting to the daily work with the students. I’m convinced that providing the teachers with these opportunities – to give them the time it takes! – is one of the keys to real school development.

This BSoA episode focused on Trends and Traditions in a very broad way and boy, Alastair Creelman was definitely the one on fire this time! Alastair has a really interesting bird eye view on education at the Linnaéus University in Kalmar, having pretty much constantly all the social media edu buzz at his fingertips. On top of that, Alastair has tons of international experience – also from his own private life – that really adds up in a formidable way. Many thanks also to Tiina Sarisalmi for joining us once again, even though she had another meeting to attend at the same time. Whoa, some simultaneous capacity! One virtual meeting at a time is often too much for me..

Yup, we were having fun for sure but there was – dare I say, as always? – a serious undertone hidden among the laughs and joking. The essence of it all? Perhaps something like this: there’s no way to Google yourself to mastery in anything; it takes something called hard work and dedication. Period. Well, there was also quite a bit of other stuff but you really do need to watch – or listen! – yourself and why not join us next time; the next episode will be aired in September. Date TBA through all the social media channels as usual: keep track of the #BeSmartOnAir hashtag!

In case you just want to listen to this episode of BeSmartOnAir goodness, you can do just that – or download the mp3 file for later enjoyment, if you like – using this direct link.

See you On Air – soon!

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