eTwinningOnAir #13: Back To Business

I hope Tiina Sarisalmi has not given up on us! I’d guess we’d better shape up, all of us eTwinning ambassadors :)

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again – the sweet summer freedom is over for the teachers, at least in my northern neck of the woods. It feels a bit strange, to say the least, but also kind of okay – soon it’s off to the races for us! Who knows, some cool collaborative eTwinning projects just might be waiting around the corner..

This time it was just three of us in the panel – me, Tiina Sarisalmi of course(!) and a brand new ambassador colleague from Poland, Magdalena Madej. Great fun having Magdalena on board and pretty neat that she joined us even though she was still on vacation, heading back to the beach after the show!

We talked quite a bit about using social media in school, especially – surprise! – Facebook which is the heavyweight in this department as we all know. Magdalena is running a Facebook page for her school and that is a smart move for sure; my experience from eTwinning projects is that somehow Facebook is always a part of the deal – no matter if you like it or not! The students are very quick to get connected :)

There were many laughs but also a serious tone, especially when we discussed the way ambassadors function in different countries – and the fact that sometimes it’s really hard to get us ambassadors ‘fired up’ for real, like Tiina pointed out. Some very valid points there and well worth discussing further, even on the National Support Service level I’d think.

If you want to just listen to our ramblings, there is – as always – the audio-only podcast available both directly through the web and through iTunes store where you can also subscribe to the show – and on top of that we offer super neat  free smartphone apps for both Android and iOS devices! Go get the app at the Google Play Store or the Apple app store  and you’ll always have the eTwinningOnAir episodes available right there in your pocket or purse – no matter if you’re online or offline!

Next episode will be coming up in September – stay tuned through social media! I’ll shoot out info through Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn so there is basically no way you can miss it :) See you On Air!

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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