eTwinningOnAir #12: Ten Years!

Ten years of eTwinning in 2015! Wow, the European Union school collaboration program has definitely grown quite a bit(!) since the launch conference in Brussels 2005! Actually, I’m not absolutely sure how I got the word about what was going on but I’d guess it must have been through the folks working with the Swedish EU program for schools that time. During the years, we all have been doing pretty cool things together with our students by getting connected across Europe. Top quality professional development also for us teachers, not forgetting that the informal networking part is extremely important as well.

What an amazing eTwinningOnAir panel we had this time! Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Italy getting together and looking back – and trying to figure out what the future will bring. A huge thank you to all of you participating in the panel and it was especially fun having Irene Pateraki from National Support Service in Greece joining us. The very first NSS participant, whoa! Irene, you must challenge your NSS colleagues across Europe – perhaps they also dare to make an appearance On Air :)

Have you also heard about us Finns being very calm, kinda quiet, not saying too much? In that case: time for a reality check! When we got into discussing pedagogy and tech, Tiina Sarisalmi got fired up with all cylinders (well, perhaps me too, just a little bit). The bottom line: more teaching, less tech’ing! Strangely, that slogan seems somehow familiar to me, even though I think I just made it up.. Sure enough, Tiina nailed it – getting collaboration projects started without a clear pedagogical framework is meaningless. However, having some tech support available – right there in the classroom, while working with a group of students – would be ideal, the way I see it!

I’m not quite sure yet what will happen to eTwinningOnAir in the future; the 2015 spring semester ‘pilot’ – including the traditional podcast part, with dedicated smartphone apps! – has definitely been tons of fun and a source of great inspiration to me. Hope you feel the same and let’s see what the Swedish NSS folks think about this.

Audio-only is, of course, available through the podcast version of eTwinningOnAir – see the web page here – but do download the free app either at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (alternative download link for this episode here). Just search for eTwinningOnAir! That’s the easiest way of getting all the episodes right into your smartphone, automatically, just like magic :)

See you On Air!

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