eTwinningOnAir #11: Georgia Wilhelmsson

This episode is a eTwinningOnAir  Special, an interview with the Swedish eTwinning Ambassador Georgia Wilhelmsson who recently got the super fun info that her eTwinning  project was awarded the Swedish eTwinning Prize, including SEK 20.000 in cash!

Georgia – or just Gia for short – has her roots in Greece but she has been living in Sweden since her childhood. It wasn’t easy, getting started with a new culture and a completely different language, but soon enough Gia found out that working with languages and education was what she wanted to in her adult life. The rest is, as saying goes, history.

If you prefer audio-only: check out this episode in podcast format (alternative audio download link here). The easiest way of keeping up-to-date with eTwinningOnAir is to download the free Android or iPhone app to your smartphone; now, that’s one smart move. Just search for eTwinningOnAir in Google Play or Apple’s App store, grab the free app and go!

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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