I’m back – with Pages!

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That’s right – after a bit of a hiatus, I’m now back in business with my Facebook profile and also a couple of Pages! I’m not quite sure exactly when I deleted both of my Facebook accounts but I’d guess it must have been at least one year ago. Sure enough, I had two accounts – one of them private, the other one work only.

So, what happened? Mainly, on the private side, it boiled down to the ratio of investment (time) and gain – and after a while the gain just didn’t justify the investment. On the work side, Fb functioned great as a communication channel with the students and parents but the functionality of the Fb Groups just didn’t measure up. Further, I should have needed to put quite a bit of effort into filtering my ‘teacher’ feed in order to make it really usable.

During my off-Fb time there have been lots of exciting things happening in social media and a ton of developments within Fb itself. On top of this, it seemed possible that my HangoutsOnAir based YouTube shows – BeSmartOnAir and DViSonAir – might reach a wider audience through Facebook Pages. So, largely out of curiosity about how the Pages function today, I decided to dive back in and challenge the well known saying ‘They never come back’! Not that I necessarily was a champ to begin with, however..

After registering my profile again – yay, my very unique name was still available! – I got the DViSonAir Page and then the BeSmartOnAir Page online. No problems there but I sure would like to have these Facebook Pages more clearly visible on my private profile. If you know how to accomplish this, please let me know!

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Former language teacher, GSuite superadmin, advocate for international school collaboration. YouTuber, podcaster, sea kayaking addict
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