eTwinningOnAir #10: April Fools

We were four April Fools who got together to talk about eTwinning EU school collaboration: Helene from Norway, Fredrik and Gia from southern Sweden and then me from the North Pole, where the April weather is just one big bad joke! Gia joined the show panel last but with some really great news: her project has been awarded the eTwinning Prize which includes – among other things – SEK 20.000 in cash and a trip to the annual eTwinning conference in October! Congrats Gia, we know you’ve been working hard with the project! We must here more about it later on!

We also touched base on turning eTwinning work into larger collaborative projects within the Erasmus+ framework; that’s exactly what Gia has been doing and I have very good experiences of that myself. eTwinning focuses on running ‘virtual projects’ using information technology but the funding available through Erasmus+ can expand the scope of eTwinning greatly, to include meetings in the physical world. It is also possible to have schools from other parts of the world joining eTwinning projects as guests and this might be great fun to try out, just like Fredrik said!

Just before wrapping up we did some elaborate planning for our eTwinning 10-year anniversary episode in May; the date is preliminary set to May 18 and we will definitely do everything we can to have some very interesting guests with us On Air. Any ideas of your own? Do let us know!

The audio-only version is, of course, available as the eTwinningOnAir podcast – yes, you can subscribe to all this goodness using the iTunes catalogue here (alternative audio download here) and always have the latest episodes in your laptop, tablet or smartphone! Of course, you can also check out all the podcast episodes and listen to them right on the eTwinningOnAir web page.

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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