BeSmartOnAir #16: Go Mobile

So, is there such a thing as mobile learning? Are we really putting those extremely mobile, constantly connected powerful computers our students – and we ourselves! – have in our pockets to good use? Well, at least in Sweden the teachers now have the legal right to confiscate mobile phones. Yay, progress!

As it happened, we turned out to be true to the show title, thanks to Mats Larsnäs joining us from his car! The young passengers didn’t seem to mind, being webcast to the wide world :) Mats is one of the few within K12 education in Sweden – to the best of my knowledge – who have done really groundbreaking stuff, integrating mobile devices in the curriculum.

The bottom line, from the pretty much unanimous panel, was that there is no going back: mobile devices are a part of our lives today so the message is clear for all of us working in education: put the phones to work instead of banning them!

Please notice that when watching the recorded video, it’s easy to fast forward to the topics selected during the live show by the host (=me!). At the G+ Event, hit the ‘Play’ button, then click the tiny white ‘Rubik’s cube’ on top and choose Q&A. Just click any topic and off you go. The deal is the same on the YouTube side, with the exception that you need to start by clicking the ‘Be part of the conversation’ link bottom left in the video window.

In case you’d like to just listen to this amazing happening instead: be my guest! The Mp3 file can be enjoyed – or downloaded – right through the web; just point your browser here.

See you On Air and notice that the G+ Event for the next BeSmartOnAir episode is available right here!

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