BSoA Interview: Fredrik Posse (Soundtrap)

This was the first time ever for me, getting close to giving up and rescheduling a ongoing HangoutOnAir to a later date – just because it was so difficult to get my interviewee – Fredrik Posse from Soundtrap – ‘inside’ the Hangout! In the end, I fired up a new HOA using my private G+ profile, instead of the BeSmartOnAir one, and we connected just fine. I’m still wondering what I missed, though. Go figure!

Soundtrap is all about audio production without the traditional tech savvy user requirements – and without traditional program installations since it does its magic right in the Chrome browser. The built-in tech under the hood is of the very latest kind; for those in the know (don’t count me in there!) the acronyms html5 and WebRTC translate to developers finding solutions way beyond what is mainstream today.

Fredrik is a born entrepreneur and now, having apparently found exactly the right people to work with, the Soundtrap team is all of a sudden getting great attention from many important players – including Google. The story of the Soundtrap live demo at Google I/O 2014 is definitely worth hearing, and watching! There are also some really cool news coming up soon from Soundtrap, including a very special competition and also a offline component of the service.

Chromebooks and Soundtrap sounds like a match made in heaven and Fredrik agreed that this is definitely something they will be looking very closely at. More and more schools are going Google through Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and many of those schools would probably like to use a browser-based, capable audio station.

Is your school interested in trying out Soundtrap for real? In that case, you just might want to reach out to Fredrik.

Many thanks to Fredrik for being so patient with me during the Hangouts troubleshooting phase. I’m really glad we didn’t give up!

As usual, you can also choose to only listen to the interview – the mp3 file is available through the web here.

Thanks for checking out the interview and see you On Air!

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