BSoA Interview: Jim Collison

Jim Collison is a US podcaster with many HangoutsOnAir (live) hours at the microphone with his friends every week, he’s a Microsoft MVP and a long distance runner, works full time as a tech lead at Gallup – and somehow he also gets in that all important quality time with his family. How on earth..?! Yup, I did ask Jim about this and he says he’s effective with his time. I’d think that’s an understatement!

This is the first time I’ve been talking On Air, one-on-one, with a podcasting pro and it was extremely interesting to get Jim’s take both on the technical side of things and what podcasting means to him. Obviously, he’s not into podcasting for the money – even though his podcasts pretty much finance what he’s doing with his ‘hobby’ podcasting. It just seems to be great fun for him and an ongoing learning experience as well. Mind you, the groundwork for all the podcasting Jim does is live streaming video which is something I find really cool. Jim could not imagine podcasting without the live interaction component and this is something we definitely have in common – even though I still don’t regard myself as a podcaster!

The workflow Jim uses is based on Google HangoutsOnAir video streaming through YouTube and the shows are then also transferred to (audio) podcast episodes, available to anyone for subscription using any major podcast aggregator like iTunes or a smartphone podcatcher app. It was a blast talking about this, not least because I’m kinda trying to do the same thing. It was also great to hear Jim’s enthusiasm about HangoutsOnAir; I think we agreed on that this (free!) service has a huge game changer potential in many walks of life – including education. By the way, please feel free to check out and suggest edits to my Happy Hangouts Check List! is Jim Collison’s very cool – I believe – main web site even though the reason to that name choice is a mystery to me. The way I see it, there is nothing average about Jim.

We wrapped things up by me asking Jim about where he thinks podcasting is going – if it’s going anywhere. Yes, he sure seems pretty confident that podcasting will be going places we can’t even quite imagine yet!

Want to have audio-only? That makes sense to me since I rarely watch HangoutsOnAir myself, mainly because I just don’t have the time! Listening while commuting or taking a walk with our great pal Neo works just fine for me. You can listen to the mp3 on the web or download it here.

Sometimes I find myself wondering how it’s possible that I – being an ordinary teacher out in the sticks in northernmost Sweden – can do extremely inspiring (to me, at least!) interviews like this as a part of my job. Guess the answer is twofold: I never asked for a permission in the first place and what I do equals probably the best professional development I’ve ever been a part of. The really amazing thing is that anyone can do the same thing and get connected globally in a way that blows the mind. This is something that can – and will – transform teaching and learning!

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