eTwinningOnAir #9: We See The Light

Yes, the light is back in the north but the show title should have been something completely different – preferably When Everything Went Wrong! I managed to get Elina Jokisalo from European Schoolnet to the show but, unfortunately, her microphone didn’t work as expected; Karsten from Denmark had no luck with his video and I managed to crash the Hangout completely! This is what I’d call a learning experience.. Luckily both Tiina, Helene and me managed to hang in there and – after all the trouble! – we had quite an interesting discussion.

Next episode of eTwinningOnAir is planned to late April; no set date yet but expect it to be a Monday and most probably 3.30 PM CET! No, btw, I think it will be CEST :) Summer is just around the corner but in May we will stream the 10 year eTwinningOnAir Anniversary Episode! Hoping to have some interesting guests with us then :)

Don’t forget that eTwinningOnAir is also a podcast, available for anyone to subscribe to and download through the iTunes catalogue. Just point your browser here! If the link has expired, download the episode here.

Prefer listening on the web? That works just fine, you’ll find all the recent episodes here.

See you On Air!

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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