BeSmartOnAir #15: Games People Play

You might think we were dead serious all the time, discussing games and education, but that wasn’t actually the case – we had quite a bit of fun as well :) Anyway, as I said before wrapping up this episode: at long last we had some real disagreements in the panel, too. It was about time!

Once again, Chad LaFarge (you kinda promised me an interview, right, Chad?!) joined the panel from across the Atlantic; it’s always great to get a fresh view to education and technology, especially from a Hangouts pro like Chad. He was also mighty quick to fix the video sequence where Alastair Creelman talks about his son who learned a lot about history through a computer simulation game. You can read Chad’s comment to this at the G+ Event and watch and listen to Alastair here.

Some of the edu games / quizzes /web resources mentioned in this episode were Kahoot!, Zondle, Duolingo, Khan Academy, Minecraft, Second Life and – yes, indeed – Quake! I’m not much of a gamer myself but I admit that the ‘3d-feeling’ when firing up Quake, back in the day, was really something else!

Talking about 3d – have you heard about this extremely innovative tech company called Microsoft? No, I’m not kidding! Those guys have some really cool stuff cooking in their skunk works – stuff like HoloLens that might become a very real game(!) changer, both in gaming and also in many other walks of life.

In case you’d prefer just listening to the show, there is a mp3 recording available as usual – you can listen on the web or download the file here.

A huge thank you to all of you in the panel and to all the thousands of people in the audience, of course! Without you, quite simply, this show would not go. Anyway, now I have to scoot – will do my best to find a Quake emulator to my Android phone!

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