eTwinningOnAir #8: Podcast!

eTwinningOnAir is back! And, this time, pretty much all the way in Swedish – since all the ambassadors in the panel were from the fabulous Nordic area and I pretended to understand most of what Karsten said in Danish :) Mind you folks, it’s not written in stone that we’ll run this thing in Swedish only – all the eTwinning folks are more than welcome, just holler and I’ll brief you about what the deal is with HangoutsOnAir. Anyone can watch but there are only ten slots available in the ‘live panel’. We are aiming at – time permitting – streaming one episode every month and the video is always available through my YouTube channel after the fact.

We started out in English, in fact, since I kinda forgot about this language thing but soon enough I switched over to Swedish for the secret part. So, whats’s the secret? Here goes: there’s a eTwinning podcast in the works! Not just audio files to listen to on the web or download but a real podcast, meaning that it will be found on the iTunes catalogue and anyone should also be able to subscribe to the whole series of episodes. Then the updates will magically appear in your phone, tablet or computer – extremely cool!

This episode will also serve as the very first ‘real’ podcast episode, in due time, and the coming eTwinningOnAir video webcasts will also be transferred to podcast episodes. Thus, we’ll have both a live video component and a traditional audio podcast. With other words: interesting times ahead for eTwinning – both live and canned!

You can also download mp3 audio on this page, as usual – the audio file is available right here.

Do you want to keep updated about what is happening with eTwinningOnAir? Great! The easiest way is to follow me on GooglePlus, LinkedIn or Twitter; the hashtag is – surprise! – #eTwinningOnAir.

Suggestions and ideas are always most welcome, please get in touch and – see you On Air!

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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