BeSmartOnAir #14: Code Ahead

What an amazing panel we had, to kick start the still fresh BeSmartOnAir 2015 edition. Not only did we have Kim Nilsson multiplied by two – or was it three? – but we also had, fittingly, two very real code warriors from across the pond to join us: thank you so much Bjorn Behrendt and Andrew Stillman! It was a great mix of educators and I believe we pretty much agreed on that coding, in one way or another, is in education to stay. It’s all about logical thinking, creativity, collaboration – and creating jobs for the days to come.

Finland is coming strong, too, it seems – Tiina Sarisalmi told us that the extremely interesting new curriculum that is in the works in the only, true Santa Claus Country also states that coding activities will be carried out from a very early age indeed.

We did not get into games and education, even though we were supposed to – quite simply because we ran out of time! If only Zack Gilbert (yes, that Zack, running the world famous EdGamer podcast) had been with us, to lead us to the right path.. I’m still hoping to get him to the show some time, especially since we really do need to take a fresh look at this gamification thing. Talking of which; it seems that Marilina Lonigro in Italy might have something very cool coming up, still kinda hush-hush though. We just might get back to that later as well!

Want to have audio-only? Well, I sure can’t blame you, watching talking heads is not always a truly mind-boggling experience! Go ahead and listen to the good stuff through the web – or download the mp3, if you prefer – through this link.

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