BeSmartOnAir #13: Twitter Sucks – Not?

Incredible but true – this Twitter special was the second Be Smart On Air Christmas Episode! It seems like yesterday when me and Tiina Sarisalmi were talking about perhaps running a laid-back public Google HangoutOnAir, focusing on education and technology, and now we’ve done 13(!) episodes all in all. It has been tons of fun every time and somehow I’ve always felt amazingly energized and filled with new views and ideas afterwards. Even though we’ve had many laughs, to me this has been professional development at its best; many thanks to all of you who have participated in the panel and listened or – scary thought – watched our ramblings! And, of course, a huge thank you to you Tiina; without you, this show would not go (I stole that tagline from my favorite movie podcast!).

Well, does Twitter suck?

What we agreed on – I think! – is that you really should know what you’re trying to achieve with Twitter. It kinda sucks big time if you want to get into long form dialogue (my opinion!) but reaching out to people often works out surprisingly well, even to those who would be hard to get in touch with through other channels. Like I said when talking with Will Richardson last winter: Twitter is a great gateway drug :)

The very essence of Twitter is what’s happening right now and in that way it seems to be an invaluable source of the very latest information. However, it can be very hard or even impossible to check the reliability of the sources and there are many cases where even experienced journalists have been fooled big time.

Schools and Twitter? Yup, we should absolutely give the students the chance to learn the tricks of the trade (and perhaps learn those tricks ourselves as well). There are principals who have made their mark pretty much through Twitter; Eric Sheninger is definitely one of those, even though he has recently moved on from NMHS. Eric tells me about his view on Twitter use in this TubeChop clip.

Christmas presents!

We almost ran out of time but, luckily, we managed to share some Christmas presents before going Off Air. To start with: Alastair Creelman is the Twitter wizard in the crew! All those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about Twitter but never dared to – @alacre is your man. Interested in Google Apps and Chromebooks? Check with Kim Nilsson (there is no substitute!), you’ve got two hours of free consulting waiting (you did promise that Kim, huh?!). From Tiina comes a tip about an author whose books just fly off the shelves everywhere: Haruki Murakami from Japan. Last and probably least: my present is ‘How I Implemented Google Apps During My Coffee breaks and (just barely) Survived‘ – so far only available in Swedish but the translation is in the works.

You bet, we’ve got audio-only!

As usual, we have the audio-only version available as well; I fully realize that while watching us ‘talking heads’ there isn’t much else you can do at the same time. However, it might work just fine, listening to the audio when washing the dishes or walking the dog! You can listen to the mp3 – or download the file – here.


..what remains now is to wish you all a great holiday season: be good and see you On Air – and hey, feel free to shoot me a tweet :)

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