BeSmartOnAir: EH2Live #1

The very first episode of Edu Hangout Help Live – or EH2Live for short – was observed in the wild on October 28! We talked about Hangouts and Hangouts On Air mostly in general terms and Jennifer Scheffer told about her interesting work with student run Hangouts On Air; extremely cool stuff.

Huge potential

There is a huge potential in Hangouts (which do cover lots of ground – both chat, messaging, phone calls and video meetings) in the edu context but especially the On Air variant is still very much unique, providing free public unlimited video streaming – and automatic recording! – through YouTube. This is an awesome combo that opens up possibilities which were completely unheard of just a couple of years ago, at least in case you didn’t have truckloads of money to spend.

A Google service

Hangouts are, of course, only functional within the Google ecosystem and – let’s face it – not everyone has a Google account (which is needed in order to actively take part in a public Hangout On Air panel discussion). It seems, however, that there might be ways around even this obstacle; something we should definitely take a good look at later on. It looks like Mark Vang has some interesting ideas about this and I’m hoping he might join us On Air one day!

Basics: coming up

We might go through some very basics in the next episode, however; date and time to be announced so do follow BeSmartOnAir – the corresponding YouTube channel is here – and keep tabs on the hashtags #BeSmartOnAir and #EH2Live in social media! You’ll find me on Twitter through @niiloa and Jennifer’s handle is @jlscheffer.

Audio only? Of course!

Absolutely, we will always have audio-only available as well – it is quite a bit easier to just listen to the show while washing the dishes or walking the dog :) You can download the mp3 (or listen through the web) through this link.

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Language teacher, EdTech coach, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration
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