BeSmartOnAir #11: Myth, Legend, Truth

Season two of BeSmartOnAir sure got a great start on September 15, through the super cool Episode #11, featuring a panel that did an amazing job tearing apart edu myths and especially delivering the truth! Tons of fun to get Alastair Creelman, Jennifer Scheffer, Anders Wockatz and especially Linda Lindsay (Aloha Hawaii!) to the panel, together with us old timers (guess that’s the way it is, Tiina Sarisalmi and Kim Nilsson!).

Serious start

I fired up this episode on a serious note mentioning a truly legendary university lecture, by the late Carnegie Mellon computer science professor Randy Pausch who passed away in 2008 – way too early. His last lecture is the best YouTube video – possibly quite simply the best video, period – I have ever seen. In case you’ve missed it, you are definitely in for a very rare treat. You’ll find a direct link to the video on YouTube here.

Myth, Truth..

Yes, we definitely did get into the myth busting business and guess what, Tiina – I really think we at least got close to the Truth as well :) Many thanks to especially Kim for entering some good stuff from the discussion to the G+ Event! Some of that here:

Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.03.56Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.03.46Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.03.36Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.03.14Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.03.01Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.02.45Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.02.25

The discussion was extremely thought provoking and I was really glad when Anders said in the end that he got quite a bit to pass on to ‘his’ school leaders. Super!

Audio only? Of course!

For you folks who don’t care that much about the video – in fact, I’m one of them but don’t tell anyone! – there is the audio only alternative, as usual: you can listen to the mp3 or download it through this link. And yes, I’m still trying to figure out the easiest way of making a real podcast of the show! I have a feeling that folks like Jim Collison and Micke Kring might have a bunch of good advice connected to this.. I just have to find the time!

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