BeSmartOnAir #8: Get Social

What is social media? Is it something completely different from traditional media – whatever that is? How should we use social media in education and what are the pros and cons? What is the situation in different countries; do most schools even have access to the main social media channels?

The questions above are some of those we were trying to figure out the answers to, with varying degrees of success perhaps! As always, it was great to get together a truly international panel and hear about the way schools tackle social media issues both in Europe and in the US. It is also obvious that the lack of openness I find frustrating on my home turf is not uncommon elsewhere, either, but things are definitely changing pretty much everywhere.

We talked quite a bit about how the lines are blurring on many fronts; for example, there is no clear-cut distinction between work and free time any longer – for better or worse! The same thing applies to public versus private; it might be that I’m quite simply way too old to change my ways but my digital footprint is very much work related and that’s the way I want it to be.

It also still surprises me how aggressive and ruthless the tone in social media postings can be; adults who should definitely know better express themselves in a way that would be completely out of line in most other forms of communication. If this kind of behavior turns into a norm, it’s no wonder that children and teens follow suit.

There was a really interesting Ladygeeks episode recently, also focusing on social media, with Joe Mazza as the guest star. He really nailed it when he stated that ‘we should take tech off the table – what is important is how you communicate. Social media just amplifies that’. Check out that episode here.

Audio-only version of our BeSmartOnAir Hangout is available for download here.

See you On Air!

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