BSoA Interview: Eric Sheninger

How often do you find yourself heading to work on a Saturday, just because you’re looking forward to something really fun and exciting? I must say this has not happened to me very often but yesterday, February 1st, sure was one of those rare occasions. And boy, my Saturday afternoon sure turned out to be a real blast!

Principals do have kinda tight schedules so it was just fine with me when Eric Sheninger, well known as the Twitter Principal, asked me if I could do the interview with him on Saturday afternoon CET – being AM EST for Eric.

We had a great discussion where we touched base on several topics connected to education and learning, one of these being – but not only! – Digital Leadership which is also the title of Eric’s book published in January. There seems to be lots of interesting stuff in there so I’m really looking forward to the review copy, including the author’s signature I believe :)

The audio-only version of this Hangout On Air – the Mp3 file – is available here.

See you On Air!

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