BeSmartOnAir #7: Alphabet Soup

What a delicious soup we prepared on January 20th – me and Tiina Sarisalmi were joined by Kim Nilsson (Sweden), Kurt Schlegel (Germany), Marilina Lonigro (Italy) and – brace yourself! – Mr EdGamer Guru himself, Zack Gilbert from the US! I have been talking to Zack about possible dates and times for ages and, at last, we managed to get synchronized. Many thanks for taking the time from your day off to join us at BeSmartOnAir, Zack, it was truly a blast.

I think we did a pretty decent job of straightening out (at least some!) question marks around the weird acronyms and special expressions in educational technology. Do you know perfectly well your way around PLN, PLC, PLE, gamification and flipped learning? A confession from me: I sure didn’t but now I feel much more confident. Mission accomplished! And hey, talking about flipped learning – even though I blew it and missed inviting The Flipped Guy himself – Troy Cockrum – into the show, he just might join us later for an interview.. And be sure not to miss Troy’s Flipped Learning show on EdReach!

We also tried out the Hangouts Questions and Answers App and it definitely works well, allowing the viewers to ask questions on the G+ Event Page during the show. Thanks also to you who contributed that way.

Audio only version is available through my Dropbox here. See you On Air!

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