eTwinningOnAir #6: Christmas Special 2013

The very first eTwinning On Air Christmas Special – featuring the Pirate Santa! Tiina, me, Cecilia and Marilina looked back a bit – comparing the ambassadors’ work situation in our different countries – this time Sweden, Finland and Italy. The possibilities ambassadors have to ‘spread the word’ definitely vary a lot depending where in Europe you live and work; in Sweden the ambassadors’ group is very loose and, so far,  few ambassadors have been actively involved in training sessions. Further on this might change, the agency probably offering to compensate the schools for the time needed for workshops.

We also discussed the video meeting tools available; at the recent Nordic ambassadors’ meeting the Danish NSS demonstrated the very professional WebEx and, of course, I mentioned HangoutsOnAir that provides free video streaming to anyone – an amazing fact that should in itself ignite several eTwinning projects in the future!

In the end we really got wild and crazy, fooling around with all those fun Hangouts special effects – and hey, you really shouldn’t miss the Pirate Santa :)

Audio-only mp3 file is available for download through this link.

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